Washington Alliance for Non-toxic Play and Athletic Fields (WANPAF) ​​is dedicated to supporting safe non-Toxic playing surfaces for children in Washington state. We invite you to join with us in finding the safest play surface materials, educating fellow parents and community members on the subject, Presenting safer alternatives and advocating for long term studies to determine what materials are the safest for the health of our Children, community and our environment.

The Precautionary Principle states "if an action or policy has a suspected risk of harm, in the absence of proof that the action or policy is not harmful, the burden of proof is on those taking the action".  Following this principle, the social responsibility is to protect the public from harm. 


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Many Carcinogens Found in Yale Analysis of

Crumb Rubber Infill & Playground Mulch Surfacing

North Haven, Conn., June 10, 2015—Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI), an organization of physicians and public health professionals, is releasing their study done at Yale University showing that the analysis found 96 chemicals in the rubber tire infill used in synthetic turf and rubber tire mulch used as surfacing in toddler playgrounds.

Of the 96 chemicals detected – a little under a half have had NO toxicity assessments done on them for their health effects – therefore nothing is known about them. The other half  have had SOME toxicity testing done on them – but even many of those chemicals had incomplete toxicity testing and therefore all health effects are not fully known.

Of the half that have had toxicity assessments, 20% are probable carcinogens. As well, 40% of the chemicals in that group were found to be irritants. 24% are respiratory irritants - some causing asthma symptoms; 37% are skin irritants; and 27% can cause eye irritants.

Gaboury Benoit, Ph.D., Yale Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering and lead investigator of the study said, "Not surprisingly, the shredded tires contain a veritable witches brew of toxic substances. It seems irresponsible to market a hazardous waste as a consumer product."

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Cancer List Among Student Athletes Who Played on

Crumb Rubber Artificial Turf Continues To Grow

​​Data below is from Amy Griffin, Associate Head Soccer Coach at the University of Washington.

There is no government agency collecting the data on either the cancers among student athletes who have played on synthetic turf for a number of years. Therefore collecting the cancer data has been left to Amy Griffin. You will see below that the soccer goalies are the hardest hit. One would expect that because it is the goalies who are always diving and who are the most exposed to the toxins in the crumb rubber.

1. An updated cancer count collected by Amy Griffin at the University of Washington is 153 cancer cases. They come from all over the country with 32 coming from Washington State.

2. Of the 153 cancer cases 124 are soccer players.

3. Of the 124 soccer players 85 are soccer goalies.

4. 6 are either Field Hockey of Lacrosse players

5. 18 are football players

6. 5 are Baseball